Well This is Where it Starts

Well I suppose I should start, by telling you (the reader), why I have started this blog. Ever sense I was younger, I found it difficult to be able to voice myself. Not only was it because I am soft spoken, but I am also painfully shy. I was born an only child, so I really only had myself from the start. Both my parents ended up being harshly into drugs, since I was very young. Which was very strange, because from the service, at least from what I witnessed being only 10 years old. Yes, I can say that I was very sheltered, at this point, growing up in a very small town. But who knows, maybe since my parents were in the state of mind, that they were, maybe they did not want me to know anything, so I would not notice their secret lives. But back to my main point, I am hoping that through making this blog, that not only can I voice my own self, but maybe I can help others as well. 🙂